Foster Carer Case Study

Sue and Samantha

Foster Carers Sue & Samantha give us a quick run down on their journey fostering with Nexus!

15 September 2020

Foster Carers Sue and Samantha had approached local authorities to enquire about fostering but they were disappointed by the lack of communication. They didn’t call when they said they would and weeks and weeks would go by without any contact at all…

Sue and Samantha met the Nexus staff at a stall in a shopping centre. They took their names and contact details. Nexus staff phoned when they said they would, they arrived for meetings when they said they would and Sue and Samantha were impressed with this. Samantha said: “They’re true to their word”.

Samantha also said: “The assessment process was very thorough and detailed but not at all stressful. The training is relevant to the placements we have and has always met our needs”.

The couple has cared for children in the age range of 8 – 17 and Samantha said they had been very lucky with their teenage placements. None of them had challenging behaviour but they did need emotional support and someone to listen to them. Nexus provided this as part of their ongoing support package!

If you’re interested in fostering with Nexus or transferring to Nexus, visit our contact us page and we’ll be in touch with more information!

The training is relevant to the placements we have and has always met our needs.


Nexus Foster Carer

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