Short-term fostering is when a child or young person lives with a foster family on a temporary basis.

Nexus Short Term Fostering


Short-term fostering is when a child or young person temporarily lives with a foster carer. At the same time, longer-term preparations are being reviewed for their fostering placement or when the time is right for them to return to the care of their birth family. Even though a child may only stay with you for a short while, foster care can have a positive effect that lasts a lifetime.

Short-term fostering provides the child or young person with the proper level of support until they return to their birth family. Sometimes, this isn’t always possible, and a foster child may transition into a different kind of fostering, such as permanence fostering.

Short-term fostering gives children and young people a secure, caring home environment while decisions about their future are being reviewed.

You can specify an age range preference for the foster children you care for. You will have your reasons for making such preferences, and we can advise you further based on our experience.

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