Respite fostering involves caring for a child on a short-term basis. This usually is overnight, over a weekend, week, or fortnight.

Nexus Respite Fostering

Respite fostering

Foster carers who do respite fostering usually care for children already staying with other foster carers. As a respite foster carer, you will join our local network of carers offering support to our foster carers when they need it most.

All our foster carers are entitled to a 14-day respite allowance should they need it, so specialist respite carers are needed just as much as foster carers.

Benefits of respite care?

Builds a valuable support network to foster carers

Allows foster carers to recharge their batteries

Develops healthy relationships outside the home for children and young people looked-after

Introduces you to a career in fostering

Supporting you with full training and 24/7 support, these are given to all respite carers

Support to our full time foster carers when they need it most.

Foster Carer Sharon says...

''As a respite foster carer, you need all the qualities of a foster carer, but the key ones are a sense of humour, empathy, a willingness to work with others, the ability to form good relationships and flexibility.''

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Foster Carer Kim, shares her experience with respite fostering...

I thoroughly enjoyed my role as a respite foster carer. Over the years, I have developed skills and understanding, enabling me to build strong relationships with the children I care for. Many of whom I provided respite for regularly, and some are still ongoing.

The most positive thing about being a respite carer is watching these children's progress after suffering some awful experiences. To receive their trust and see them laugh is something money cannot buy. Regular respite placements have become almost part of my family, and even those that have become adults with independent living are part of my life and always will be.

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