Foster carer pay, allowance and benefits

Information on foster carer pay and benefits.

Foster Carers Allowance

We offer a competitive fostering allowance for our foster carers.

The rewards that come exclusively with fostering are priceless, but we understand it’s important that foster carers are recompensated with financial benefits too. So alongside our unrivalled training and support, we offer a competitive fostering allowance.

A competitive allowance is rewarded to you as a foster carer for your valued work and for supporting the children in your care. We also offer payments for festivities, birthdays and holidays.

What the fostering allowance payments cover

The fostering allowance covers the costs of looking after a child, including household expenses, food, clothing, pocket money etc. The allowance is also there to reimburse you for your time and care and to reward you for providing a loving, stable and nurturing home for a child.

How are the allowances calculated?

The amount of the fostering allowance is determined by a variety of circumstances. Such as the age and the specific needs of the children you care for, the type of fostering and your skills and experience. As you acquire knowledge, skills and confidence as a carer, you may decide to provide therapeutic care for a child or young person. This will require further development and support towards the child and therefore increases your fostering allowance.

How much do foster carers get paid?

Using our fostering allowance calculator, you can find out how much you could be paid as a foster carer.

Fostering allowance calculator
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Benefits when fostering with us

Here at Nexus Fostering, we value our foster carers and offer a comprehensive suite of benefits as part of our package.

Dedicated local social work team and support workers, available 24/7, 365 days a year to support you

Foster carer support groups

A mentor scheme to support you during your fostering journey

Therapeutic training and matching sessions during assessment period.

Mileage paid over 210 miles per week per child

Cost of living support and access to exclusive rewards platform with 1000's high street discounts.

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Mihaela and Mark started their fostering journey in November 2022. Mihaela says "our experience with Nexus Fostering has been very good, anytime we needed anything we received the help and support, it feels like being with an extended part of the family."

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Responsibilities of a foster carer
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Common Questions

Yes! Many mortgage lenders allow you to use all of your fostering income, and there are even some specialist mortgage lenders/products specifically for foster carers.

Having debt would not automatically preclude you from fostering. Everyone’s circumstances are different so this would be discussed during the fostering assessment and approval process. If you would like to foster but are worried your debt may affect your eligibility, don’t let this put you off. You are welcome to contact us for a fully confidential and informal discussion to get more information.

Yes, living in affordable housing will not prohibit you from applying to foster. 

Generally, the foster allowance is paid based on the number of individual children or young people you are caring for. 

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