Parent & Child (P&C)

Is all about keeping young families together, where a parent and child stay with you at a time when they need extra support.

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Parent & Child

Parent and Child (P&C) fostering is about keeping young families together, where a parent and child stay with you when they need extra support. In most cases, the child is very young.

The sooner a child experiences good parenting and a stable environment, the greater their potential; this is why we offer Parent and Child (P&C) fostering. Unfortunately, the parents we work with in these types of fostering may not have been parented well and so don’t have the experience to base their own parenting.

This fostering type used to be referred to as mother and baby or parent and baby fostering and happens when a concern has been identified by the local authority about the parenting or home environment the child is in.

The parent(s) then come to stay with the foster carers, where the carers can observe, teach, and guide the parent. In addition, foster carers provide observations to social services to inform their decision-making progress.

There are two types of Parent and Child placements:

Parenting Support Placement:

Minimal observation and guidance is needed and there are no concerns about parenting capability. The parent has full control of caring for their child, with the carer being a secondary support. Carers support and advise.

Parenting Skills Placement:

An observed and supported placement requiring greater responsibility and task completion. Carers will observe, model, teach and guide parents in parenting skills. Carers will be required to provide a high level of supervision to the Parent and Child and be aware of any safeguarding concerns.

Comprehensive records are required in both types of placement.

What does a Parent & Child carer do?

Observe – see what is happening and how parent and child interact

Model – do the same task themselves for the parent(s) to watch and learn

Teach – take the parent through things they may not know step-by-step

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