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Young persons passion for football

Football Post

We love when our young people get involved in activities that make them happy. Having a passion and hobby is great for building confidence and relationships while feeling a part of a team. We caught up with one of our young people to learn about her love for football.


Having started practising football at the age of seven, Robyn loved the sport and felt it was something she wanted to pursue, carry on doing, and improve on. Having a dedication to the sport meant that Robyn started practising football two times a week to improve skills and techniques. This was done within and outside her school setting, which was great as it meant she could have extra time playing and practising the sport she enjoyed the most.

Robyn originally began her interest in football from her dad as he loved football, which opened his eye to the world of football and helped her get into the sport.

Having recently taken part in the school football tournament, the team came fourth out of seventeen, and all were very proud of their achievements

which is amazing for the young team. Robyn told us this was also exciting to be a part of and enjoyed herself.

To Robyn, football is very fun, and in any sport, it is key to have fun while you are playing the sport. Robyn’s foster carers are big supporters of her football and will watch her play her football games, make sure she gets to all games on time, and are ready to bring her home when finished.


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* Name changed to protect identity. 


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Date published

06 February 2024

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