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Why we came back to Nexus Fostering - Amy and David

Amy & David

Amy grew up with three adopted siblings. David had worked with vulnerable children before, making them want to help other children have a happy, normal upbringing, leading them to foster. Here is their story.

“We have been fostering with Nexus Fostering for eight years. We spent a year at our Local Authority and then returned to Nexus.

The process of becoming a Foster Carer was great. It was thorough and informative. Nexus was very supportive of us both and were always at hand to help us. They told us what the process would be like at the start, so it went smoothly as we already had an idea of how it would be.

They are many great moments in fostering, like watching our young people flourish and getting confident in themselves and what they do in life. There aren’t many lows, but when you try your best to help a young person, and it’s not working for them no matter how hard you try is sad.

It's like being in one big family

To be a good foster carer, you must be very patient and caring, have a great sense of humour and, at times, be able to think outside the box.

When we moved over to the local authorities, it didn’t take long to realise that we had made a mistake as we thought the support wasn’t there. However, Nexus is like family, so we returned as soon as possible. We love Nexus. They are so supportive and are always at hand 24/7 with help and advice if we have any problems.

If you are thinking about becoming a Foster carer, we say go for it. So many children need care and help, and it’s the most rewarding job you can do. It’s like being in one big family. We love it.”


Check out the link to find out how you can become a foster carer with Nexus Fostering - Why Choose Us? | Nexus Fostering


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Date published

18 October 2022

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