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Why Teachers Make Great Foster Carers

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Why Teachers Make Great Foster Carers

Although people from all walks of life can become foster carers, a background in education provides a fantastic foundation for becoming a foster carer. Both teachers and foster carers want to make a difference in children’s lives. Teachers have many desirable qualities and skills that can build a stable and loving home for a child.

There are currently over 80,000 vulnerable children and young people in care. If you are a teacher or work within education, you could reduce this number and make a difference in a child or young person's life.

Teachers have invaluable experience with children

Teachers nurture the talents of children and young people every day. Teachers have invaluable experience working with children from different cultures, backgrounds, behaviour, and developmental needs. They can build relationships and can apply different learning and behavioural techniques, to adapt to the children’s needs.

Teachers can advocate for a foster child’s educational needs

Due to trauma and neglect, quite often children in care can be behind in their development. Teachers can improve the academic outcomes of a foster child through their knowledge and experience. As professionals in the education system, they understand how the school system works and can ensure the child or young person receives the support and education they need.

Teachers have transferable skills

Teachers have an abundance of transferable skills; patience, nurturing, understanding, good listening and communication skills. Their professional skill set allows them to attend meetings for the child or young person and be organised with the admin and log keeping of the child.


Fostering can be a great transition for many teachers and lead to a rewarding and fulfilling career. Whether you would like to foster alongside your career in education or become a full-time carer. Nexus Fostering will provide all the support and training you need to help a child or young person flourish in a safe and stable environment.

If you are a teacher and feel equipped with the skills to transform a child or young person’s life, contact us today and learn more.


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Date published

05 October 2023

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