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What should I do if I don’t feel qualified enough to become a foster carer?

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Being a parent can be a lifechanging job, it’s easy to overthink and feel as if you are not qualified or confident enough.

At Nexus Fostering we believe you should always feel comfortable as a foster carer – if you are eager to become a carer but are feeling slightly nervous, there are things you can do to build up your skillset to help yourself feel more confident.

Our Events

You may not be aware, but we host a wide range of events for both, existing foster carers and people interested in becoming foster carers.

Each month, our events take place in multiple locations across the country, allowing you to come and meet some of our fostering experts in person. If you have any questions or queries about fostering, these events are the perfect place to ask.

Our Support

We understand that foster carers are the most important part of the fostering industry, this is why we make sure to offer many support services to make sure our Nexus carers are getting the support they deserve. 

These benefits include;

  • 24/7 phone support, 365 days a year for whenever you may need
  • Training sessions 
  • A Fortnight’s paid respite per year
  • Day trips for your family including your own children

By taking advantage of all of our resources, you can work towards becoming more confident.


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Date published

20 August 2022

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