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What happens during an initial visit with Nexus Fostering

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What happens at an initial visit when you are applying to become a foster carer? Here, you can find a summary of what to expect at an initial visit. It isn't a scary formal interview but more of a relaxed get-to-know-one-other.

· Following your first contact with one of our fostering advisors, which involves an initial discussion covering some basic requirements to be a foster carer. If you and the fostering advisor are in agreement, you are ready to move on to the next stage, which will mean you are ready for an initial visit.


· A Social Care representative from Nexus Fostering will contact you and arrange a time convenient for you to visit you at your property. This meeting is an opportunity to discuss what fostering entails and the role and establish if it is something that you have the potential to do. Everyone applying to foster in the household is to be present at the initial visit.

· There are practical elements to the initial visit, which includes an assessment of the property and if it is suitable to provide a foster home for children. The meeting is very much a two-way process where Nexus Fostering will find out about you and your family and why you want to foster, but also how Nexus Fostering as an organisation can support you in both the assessment process and as an approved foster carer.

· The aim is to be open and honest in answering questions and establishing if there is potential for you to be a foster carer with Nexus Fostering. There are no silly questions; we want to help people understand fostering and determine if it is suitable for everyone. Information on the assessment process to become an approved foster carer will also form part of the initial visit. This also includes information on the support you will receive, the types of fostering available, fostering allowances and an overview of the expectations of being a foster carer.


Find out more about the fostering process here - The Fostering Process | Nexus Fostering 


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Date published

07 February 2024

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