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The life of a foster carer – Sarah-Jane

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Sarah-Jane tell us how her children adapted to becoming a fostering household and the support she receives day to day. 

How long have you been fostering, and how long have you been with nexus fostering?

Just over a year, and we have only worked for Nexus.

Why did you choose to foster with nexus fostering?

We chose to work for Nexus Fostering after attending a drop-in event in Cambridge, and because the OFSTED report was outstanding.

What do you think are the benefits of fostering, for you and for the young person?

Benefits are that you can hope to help a child or children by giving them stability and your care (either for a short term or long-term placement) and leave them with happy memories of their time spent with you.

For us as family it is rewarding to be in contact with previous placements and to currently have a placement that we hope we can nurture to their full potential, whilst being supportive and caring in a stable environment.

We have really enjoyed keeping in contact with previous placements, like receiving texts and visits.
What is your fondest memory from one of your placements?

Our first placement was a mother and baby placement and I remember waking up to a noise at 2am in the morning. I went downstairs to make sure everything was okay noticed all the lights were on. I carefully made my way to the kitchen, only to find the Mum making egg sandwiches! Very funny.

Do you have one particular success story you would like to share, about a child who was placed with you?

Our current placement has improved at school and has moved up a shelf in reading, which was important for him and us.

How have nexus fostering supported you in your fostering journey, in particular with any challenges that came from your placements.

Our Supervising Social Worker is always available when we have questions… there are normally lots as we are still new to this!

If you’re a part of a fostering family, how did your family / children find bringing a foster child into their home?

All of our girls have given similar points of view in our latest review, they have all enjoyed it so far, but have also found it challenging at times due to some behaviours of the children placed with us.

If you could describe fostering in 3 words, what would they be?

Challenging, rewarding, fun.

What is the main message you would like to get across to someone who is learning about fostering for the first time?

Have patience, always be yourselves, read, and take as many courses as possible to help you but be prepared to learn more when a new child is with you.

Each child comes to you with a different background, be flexible, listen to them, encourage and support them, and care. These are things that child might not have experienced before.

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Date published

22 May 2018

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