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Spending time together as a fostering family

Foster Carer enjoys scooter riding with her foster child

A Time to Reflect

Norfolk Foster Carers reflect on their fostering journey after building a solid bond with their young person.

Us as Foster Carers 

We have been fostering for nearly four years now. Going from a couple with no birth children has meant that fostering has changed how we live our lives. We have learnt to lean on each other and utilise our support network when things get tough.

We have found it really rewarding seeing our young person grow and develop in confidence. Through training and experiences, we continue to build our knowledge of therapeutic approaches, and Nexus Fostering has helped us with this. We feel supported by Nexus Fostering and our Social Worker and feel we can approach them with any concerns.  

Spending Time Together  

As a family, we enjoy camping and going on days out; favourites have included banger racing, watching shows at the West End, and visiting the beach. 

We enjoy spending our days off and evenings geocaching, river swimming, watching local and national football games, and playing computer and board games together.   

Our young person is keen on riding his scooter, so we have visited many skateparks, making sure to bring the scooter on days out and holidays around the UK. We have visited skateparks as far as Cornwall, Kent, Manchester, and Wales.  


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Date published

03 June 2024

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