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Sons and Daughters month 2020

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This month sees The Fostering Network’s annual celebration of birth children in foster families – ‘Sons and Daughters Month.’ The period notes the amazing role the birth children of Foster Carers play in welcoming young people in care who join their home, as well as highlighting their importance in the success of placements.

We asked one of our Foster Carers daughters, Mollie O’Callaghan, on what being part of a fostering household means to her:

“The feeling we get from being part of a fostering household is great for me and my family. We get to give support and love to another child coming into our house, giving them a safe environment for them to grow up in.”

Although it might be a little strange at first, welcoming a young person into the family can be a great enriching experience, an opportunity to grow and learn through caring for a young person who needs it. It is a chance for the sons and daughters to become compassionate, tolerant, well-rounded individuals that will set them up for their future.

Fostering has made a massive impact and difference in my life

Mollie said:

“It’s made a massive impact and difference in my life, it’s made me realise not to take things for granted like my house, my family, the love and care I get, so, allowing a child into the house and giving that them. I count him as my brother so that feeling is great!

When asked ‘What difference do you think you have made to the foster placement?’ Mollie explained:

“I think I’ve made the difference of giving and supplying him with an older sister. Knowing that there’s someone there for him, someone that cares for him, loves him and has someone to look up to.”

It is clear Mollie recognises the great work she does, knowing that she is making a massive positive impact on a young person’s life. Birth children can be such a great role model for young people in care who need this kind of support.

As an inclusive agency, we recognise how important birth children of Foster Carers are in the process of looking after a young person in care. We regularly hold Sons and Daughters support groups throughout the year that give recognition for all the hard work they do. They present an opportunity for them to tell us how they feel, to share their experiences, thoughts, and achievements in a safe, confidential environment.

From all of us here at Nexus Fostering, we want to thank all the amazing birth children of our incredible Foster Carers for sharing your lives, families and making a difference more than you know!

From left to right Hayley Attew from Nexus Fostering and Mollie O’Callaghan




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Date published

26 October 2020

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