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Parent and child placements – A social worker’s perspective

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One of our midlands social workers reflects on one of their Parent and Child placements.

Parent and Child placements give a parent the chance to stay in a supportive and stable environment at what could be a difficult time in their lives.

Emma called and asked if I would visit. Emma is 16 years old and the parent of C, aged 4 months, and in a Parent and Child placement with my carer Jenny.

Emma came to live with Jenny 6 weeks ago to support her to care for her baby Chloe. The first month Jenny gave instructions of how to look after baby C, took C if Emma wanted to go out and prompted Emma if she missed anything.

Two weeks ago, this support changed as Emma needed to show she had learnt what to do. Jenny stopped giving instructions and made notes of times she needed to intervene to make sure Emma was meeting C’s needs. Emma had a good working relationship with Jenny, and if Emma asked questions Jenny would always give advice.

Jenny talked to Emma about her feelings and her future as well as giving practical advice. Emma struggled as all her friends were out at parties, shopping in town and studying at college. C’s dad did not want to be a parent and did not support Emma to look after C.

When I arrived to see Emma that afternoon she came to the door with her suitcase. Emma had decided she was too young and not ready to be a parent. Emma was sad and upset to agree for C to be adopted, but Emma was prepared and felt she had been supported fully to make this decision.

Emma thanked Jenny for her honesty and kindness. For not being judgmental while preparing her to be a parent. Emma was a good girl, but not ready to be a parent and the placement gave her a safe environment to make that decision.

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Date published

17 August 2018

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