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Parent and Child Fostering - Myth Busting

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People might have many ideas or assumptions when it comes to parent and child fostering. We have gathered some facts on what can be involved when looking after a baby and supporting a parent in your home. 


Some myth busting facts

- Mothers can come to live with you before baby is born

- Mothers can come with other children they have

- Sometimes, mothers can come straight from hospital

- You might be supporting mum and dad, not just mum

- We do have dad and baby without mum sometimes 

- It might not always be the mother's first baby

- The mother might not necessarily be a teen mum


What can happen in a parent and child placement

Sometimes, parent and child fostering placements can turn from supported to skilled placements. This could be because the parent needs extra guidance, so being adaptable and sympathetic is key to building positive relationships between the foster carer and parent.   


Within the first few days of the family coming to live with you, there will be a placement planning meeting. This will be with the parent present, setting out household boundaries, expectations, and who is responsible for what when in the home and looking after the child. Everyone's aim is to provide the best care for the baby and help the parent succeed in parenthood. 


The parent will have their own Social Worker, and the child/baby will also have their own Social Worker through the local authority. The foster carer will have their Nexus Fostering Supervising Social Worker to support, guide and be there for them. 


Read one of our current parent and child foster carers experience's 

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Date published

28 September 2023

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