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Parent and Child Fostering

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Nexus Fostering provides parent and child fostering placements. This is aimed at the foster carer supporting both parent and baby for up to 16 weeks. During this time, you are helping to support and guide the parent(s) with their parenting to make sure the best care is being provided to the baby. Often these parents might be young mothers and need extra support with taking care of their child until they feel like they can stand on their own two feet.


We offer two types of parent and child fostering, which are ‘supported’ and ‘skilled’. Supported being minimum observation, and the parent has full control over day-to-day routines. Skilled is a high level of supervision and means you provide comprehensive record keeping. Which ultimately means you as the foster carer, have a greater responsibility.


How long does parent and child fostering last?

Some parents will make amazing progress and move on after a 12-week assessment, but some may take longer to find their feet. All fostering placements last a maximum of 6-months, so if you don’t feel you can commit to long-term fostering, then this might be a great option for you.


What skills and experience are needed?

Having experience looking after babies is useful, but it’s not essential. If you have previous foster care experience or children of your own, you can transition these skills into parent and child fostering.

You will need a big enough spare room that can accommodate a single or double bed and a cot. You might be supporting a single parent or, in some cases, a couple. Plus, to make space from storage and in the room to baby and parents belongings.


How to become a parent and child foster carer?

Becoming a parent and child foster carer is ideal for anyone looking for a new challenge or wanting to foster more short-term. All of our parent and child carers manage their time and might have a short break in between fostering placements. Then, they are ready to do it all over again, welcoming a new family into their home. Being a parent and child foster carer, you are helping families have a brighter future. 


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Date published

28 September 2023

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