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Our foster carers celebrate milestones in fostering

Harrow Office Carer Certificates

Our dedicated foster carers from our Harrow office, celebrate 5,10 & 20 years of fostering and discuss their fondest fostering memories.

Within each of our office locations, we strive to create a fostering community with a team of professionals, 24/7 support, and ongoing training. Through our regular local family events & local support groups, foster carers get to know one another and can offer each other support and advice.

We asked Bobbie, Heidi and Eunice what their standout memories from their years of fostering were.

Foster carer Bobbie said ‘my go-to moment was when I heard my young person refer to me as "his Mum" to his classmates’
Heidi reminisces on her most rewarding moments over the past 11 years ‘When my young person first came to me, she couldn’t read, or write and didn’t know how to count to ten. However, within the first year with me, she could do all of them and more. She then started to call me mum and would come to me if there was a problem. Also, our family holidays abroad when the kids were growing up together, and our holiday in Malta where she made me hike up this big mountain on an island to the church at the top which was closed while there was nowhere to get water. Not forgetting how beautiful and grown up she looked on her prom night at the school. Just a few of the good memories.’
Eunice said the most rewarding part of fostering is seeing the children exuberant confidence and become resilient. Being able to be part of a child’s journey and seeing their smiles and their laughs. Through love and nurture seeing children fulfil their potential.

Fostering can of course have its challenges but we hear from our carers time and time again that the rewards far outweigh the difficult times. Being part of a child’s story will change their life and yours. Would you like to start your fostering journey. Contact us today.


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Date published

10 January 2024

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