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'One year into fostering and no surprises yet' - Emma and Steve

Emma And Steve

Emma and Steve recently celebrated their first year of fostering and were thrilled to receive a certificate and gifts from Nexus Fostering as a thank you for their commitment to our children and young people. 


Emma is a full-time foster carer, and Steve works alongside fostering on early shifts, so he is around to help support when he is home nice and early, which Emma explained works well for them, allowing Emma to put her all into fostering. 

The couple told us they haven't found any surprises so far, but they have taken it in their stride with a relaxed approach and adapted according to each individual child's age, needs, and situations, as the children they have supported have all been very different. Emma did explain that a lot of the time, it means putting the foster child's needs before anything else they may usually do or want to do, but this can be necessary for them to have all their needs fulfilled, and the children are all so worth it and deserve that and more!

For anyone considering fostering, Emma and Steve would say, 'Go for it! The pride and joy you feel knowing you have made a difference in that child's life far outweighs any negatives you may encounter.'


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Date published

13 March 2024

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