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One of our young people has a passion for drumming and encourages others to play a musical instrument

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We are proud of all our children & young people's achievements. One of our young people, aged 13, talks about how she has a passion for drumming and encourages anyone interested in music, to play an instrument and how important music can be to children.

‘I started drumming with a friend in my first school, while playing the bongo drums my teacher at the time noticed I was actually really good, she recorded me, and put me forward for lessons. I now have lessons at my new school and have been playing every week since.’

Studies have shown that children who play musical instruments have increased brain functions for essential cognitive skills. Also linked to playing instruments throughout your childhood is that it helps with developing confidence and self-esteem. Our young person mentioned her foster parents are really supportive, and she has an electric drum set at home to practice in between lessons.

‘My foster parents encourage me to do what I enjoy. I have taken part in a performance with a group of people, I felt confident playing and wasn’t too nervous.’

She explained 'Abba' was her favourite band and 'Sweet Caroline' and 'Mr Blue Sky' are her favourite songs to play.

‘My advice for anyone wanting to start drumming is to protect your ears as it can be very loud’.

Although she would like to continue her hobby of drumming, ultimately, she would like to become a doctor.

‘I would recommend anyone getting into a musical instrument, but I would like to have a career in medicine and become a doctor, I am very committed and I love the medical field and theatre.’

Well done. Keep smashing it!


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Date published

27 September 2023

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