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Nexus Fostering Youth Council- A space for our young people to be heard

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The Nexus Fostering Youth Council, created, run, and developed by our young people; is a great platform to capture a child’s voice which can sometimes be hard to do. Open to both looked after and birth children; our young people meet every 2 weeks on a Wednesday virtually from around the UK to discuss how they think various aspects of what we do could be improved/changed to overall improve their care. Every fortnight we discuss a different topic from care language to online safety. Our youth council enables our young people to voice any concerns, participate with other looked-after and birth children, and be empowered to improve Nexus Fostering. A few of our young people take part in our youth council as part of the volunteering aspect of The DofE Award.

Ryan- Head of Participation at Nexus Fostering says ‘Our youth council is a great platform, a space for our young people to be heard and enables us to better our service through their voices. We want to get feedback to improve the service Nexus offers to our young people. It's a great opportunity to get involved, share your ideas, and make a positive difference in our community.’

At Nexus Fostering we work hard to ensure our young people feel included in the decision-making and are given the same opportunity to add their views and opinions. The group offers creative volunteer work while through active participation, our young people are empowered to play a vital role in their own development as well as in improving the service we provide at Nexus Fostering.


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Date published

19 May 2023

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