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Nexus Fostering provides donations to local British Heart Foundation in Cambourne


Nexus Fostering recently heard that the British Heart Foundation had launched their child-led campaign called 'Sienna's Story', a girl aged 14 months who suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Luckily, Sienna was given life-saving treatment following the fantastic research and medical equipment they have developed over the years, which is all down to the donations and volunteers dedicating their time and being passionate about wanting to reduce the number of people who suffer from heart defects. 


The Cambridge team from Nexus Fostering grouped together and donated 22 bags of clothes, electrical items, books and toys. Along with the donations was a cheque for £200 to go towards immediate research that is taking place. 


A comment from our Storytelling & Events Executive Leanne at Nexus Fostering on why we got involved:

"When we heard the British Heart Foundation were launching a child-led campaign, we immediately wanted to get involve and help. Being from a fully child-focused company, we understand how important it is for the children and young people in our country to live a healthy life and flourish into adult life without suffering from medical conditions. Our local store in Cambourne was grateful to hear from us and participate in this collaboration.


We received some lovely feedback from the Assistant Store Manager, Tasha, "It was lovely to see you yesterday - and very much so - THANK YOU for your hard work and donations, both the bags and the money! Your generosity helps us to continue to provide research towards life-saving treatment and supports our local branch in doing this." 


Bags and cheque donations being dropped off.


This is Sienna's story:

What started like any other day for mum Jody soon became every parent’s worst nightmare.

After taking Sienna to a local park with her godmother Kaylie, fourteen-month-old Sienna became seriously unwell in her car seat —  she had suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. 

“We phoned an ambulance, and my friend performed CPR on her. I was on my knees begging, ‘Please don’t let her die. Please save her.’ ”

Thankfully, Kaylie managed to save Sienna and paramedics rushed her to hospital, where doctors discovered her heart was beating at over 315 beats per minute. 

Eventually, Sienna was diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia (SVT), a ventricular septal defect (VSD), a heart murmur, irregular heartbeat, sick sinus syndrome and Brugada syndrome —  a rare inherited heart condition that can cause sudden cardiac death. 

Since then, she’s had both a pacemaker and an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) fitted —  a small device capable of shocking her heart back into a normal rhythm. But because Brugada syndrome can go undetected, others aren’t always so lucky. 


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Date published

14 September 2023

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