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National storytelling week

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This National Storytelling Week, we held a writing competition for our young people. We had so many entries, and we're so proud of all of them all! Here is a snapshot of a few of their creative entries...

The Saviour (by A-H, aged 12)

Captain Courage stared at the villain in front of him, Dr Snake. A powerful villain attempting to damage society. A group of men surrounded Dr Snake facing Captain Courage armed and trained to kill. Captain Courage allowed himself to smile before raising his finger and muttered 27% before flicking and almost immediately a hurricane came and threw the men off the side of the building knocking them out instantly. Captain Courage rushed at Dr Snake shooting Wind Pellets at him to weaken him but Dr Snake was too fast and struck him. He transformed his hand into a classic cannon made in the 16th Century and shot cannon balls at Captain Courage.


He was barely dodging these attacks and they both knew they were equals in strength and intelligence. Captain Courage using his wind powers attempted to make a Tornado on such a large scale that it would suffocate Dr Snake but the problem with this was he would destroy half the City with an attack that powerful. Suddenly Dr Snake appeared above him and made his hand a blade sharper than an Obsidian Knife and tried to slash at Captain Courage with amazing speed. Using his wind powers he threw the knife out of Dr Snake’s hands and into the side of a tree.


Captain Courage flew away easily hitting supersonic speeds into the local museum a few miles away and grabbed a gas mask from WW1. He then rushed back to Dr Snake and using his wind power he gathered every bit of bacteria in the city. He stood and threatened Dr Snake that he would give him an incurable disease if he continued to commit harmful actions forcing Dr Snake to accept his terms to bring peaceful resolution to the city.

A Magical Unicorn Land (by M-P, aged 9)

Before I tell you about the magical dream I had, I’ll tell you the start. Once upon a time there was a girl called Miley and she loved Unicorns. One day, when she was watching a unicorn movie, she fell fast asleep and had a magical dream.

Her dream was about beautiful, big unicorns. She was imagining she was in unicorn land. She could see millions of colourful unicorns and there was unicorn poop! It was so, so colourful, all the rainbow colours were in it!

It was snowing on the unicorns. Miley was sliding down rainbow slides and eating lollipops and candy floss all day, it was like Christmas but instead of having Christmas dinner she had candy all day! It was yum yum yum! The Magical Land gave her magic sweets so whenever she ate all the candy up, some more came, isn’t that cool!

She woke up and knew it was a dream.

The end.

A Pony's Day (by A-C, aged 11)

Hi, I’m Bella, I’m a horse and my owner has been going on about a competition. It was seven o’clock, I was mucked out and I did not like it at all, but I knew it would keep me clean.

Then at half past seven, I had breakfast, well, my owner Olivia calls it breakfast, but anyway, my hay gets topped up, which is yummy. When it is eight o’clock, I get brushed and groomed out – it was horrible, at nine o’clock I was rode around the park which gave me some fresh air.

I would have my rest in my stable with my friend Pumpkin, she likes polos and is very calm.

Lettuce, another pony, likes carrots and last but not least, Sprout – she likes hay, she is crazy everywhere she goes!

It was the competition day!

These are the instructions up in our stables:

  1. Check on the horse twice a day
  2. Make sure grazing is free of danger
  3. Make sure stables are clean and safe.
  4. Always have fresh water available
  5. Have regular health checks and farrier care
  6. Feed appropriately for the horse type and workload

Hope you enjoy my day.

Sprouts for Christmas (by F-C, aged 12)

Crunching my abs, sitting at the end of my bed. THUD! Had I been knocked out… Coming to my senses, figuring out I’d wacked my head on the top bunk. Clency, as usual, awakened an hour before, peeking through his gift-filled stocking, occupying him for that hour.

Stretching my eyes, they focused, pupils locking onto target, my stocking. It was brim full of presents. Wow! Santa’s been saving up his pocket money. Not a grain rice could be compacted into this mammoth sock. Excitement rushing through me, I sat up, gripping onto the top present. Ripping the paper off with gusto, I uncovered a whole box of mouth-watering eclairs. Yum. This was the day on the three hundred and sixty-five days of my calendar and it had finally been crossed off. CHRISTMAS!

Squeezing my legs in as far as they could go, ensuring my knees tucked into my chest. At this point I was a cannonball turned on its back. It just needed to be launched out of bed. 5…4…3…2…1…ZOOM! Shooting out of bed landing with precision, I dashed downstairs to grab my first present from under the tree. The festive day had just begun.

I was jolly- stricken to discover the mysteries that hid beneath the surface of this colourful gift wrap. I shredded the paper from the present and eugh… What was that stench. I wafted the wicked, woeful whiff away. And the horrific realisation that my scheming brother had done it again. He got me sprouts! I laugh aloud, knowing that I have thwarted his pongy prank by asking granny to knit one of her oversized, holy jumpers. Ha Ha Ha. .

The Fiery Fierce (by S-H, aged 9)

One frosty evening in a buried underground crystal cave, lived a gargantuan scaly dragon breathing sickly sizzling fire, as if you would go in there anyway the only thing you would smell is deadly toxic gas. Throughout the years the dragon got more and more powerful, the village down town was all ruined many years ago, the dragon’s fire burnt the poor village. The dragon went to the sailing river under the pale blue sky, as it turned into sunset the dragon started to snore.

Early the next morning the dragon took in a deep yawn. He went to collect some food miles away from his cave, he set his navigate alarm so he wouldn’t get lost [he really is brainless].

In the new fresh village down below lived a young boy named Milo.  He was very into his history and he always really wanted to see a fierce dragon, he thought they were very entertaining.  His mother was very poor and they lived in a cottage down the road from his best friend Taylor.  Taylor was not interested in history at all she prefers art.

Once the dragon had collected food he came back to his crystal cave with the deadly smell following behind him, he stopped his navigating alarm. The dragon had been lonely for so many years he forgot what the world was really like, he thought to himself, why not have a day out of that stinky cave.

The fiery fierce dragon flew over the village and saw all the happy people, they all ran away from him knowing the story and his poisonous gas, so the dragon lived happily ever after in the village all to himself.

The Flossing-saurus! (by T-H aged 8)

Once there was a city, well not just a city in fact it was a Dino city. In Dino city there was a flossing-saurus of course, a flossing-saurus!!!!!! He was new to this town, he wondered into the city where everyone was laughing, he got upset but everyone was actually amazed they said, ”How do you do the floss it is impossible?” he replied,” It is not impossible you just move your arms it is simple”. The other Dino`s don`t know how to do the floss. So the flossing saurus walked down the road to his new house, he found out it was a great big mansion. When he got inside he unpacked all of his things, but he needed to clean everything. It was an old rooky mansion so he got to work straight away, he painted, he did all the woodwork, he cleaned all the dishes; he was disgusted, so much to do! Six hours later he got in to his bedroom and dusted the spiders away, he was amazed with the house, he loved his house now, not even being able to take his eyes away.

He went off to the grocery store and got hired, by the end of the day he got £10,000 he bought the things that were posh every thing that he thought was posh he would buy. He got millions of friends and followers and he even helped the poor and gave millions of money to them. He became the mayor of the city and he made sure no Dinosaurs were poor anymore. THE END




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Date published

05 February 2021