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My experiences, love of fun fairs and my foster parents

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Jess has lived with her foster carers for several years and has settled into life there. From supporting her foster brother to her favourite outings, Jess shares her experiences with us of living with her foster family and her plans now that she has turned 18.

How have you found your experiences with your foster carers?

It has been a good journey with both of them. They support me throughout everything. We have had some ups and downs but have always got through it together.

What do they support you with?

They support me with everything - my health, cooking, college and building my independence. Mum has helped me a lot with cooking, and I have been making tuna pasta bake, chicken, and chips.

My mum always talks to the college to see how I am doing; if they have any concerns or worries, they will call them up and invite us to meetings.

How have you found the support from Nexus Fostering?

Great! Our social worker, Vanessa, has supported me with my next journey (leaving care). Vanessa comes out to see me and constantly checks that I am ok. Vanessa encouraged me to make my own telephone calls, such as doctor's appointments etc. I was really nervous about it at first, but I was pleased that I did it! Even though I was on hold for a long time!

What is some of your best memories with your foster parents?

The day we went to Stanwick Lakes - I went down a mudslide, and mum had to cover the car with a picnic blanket to cover the seats from all the mess.

Also, one great memory was going on holiday to Spain, which was amazing! We have also been on holiday to Clacton for my 14th birthday. I got to eat lots of great food, enjoy the caravan we stayed in and have a go at the arcades. If I go again, I won’t leave the arcades as I love them!!! Even if I am too big for the rides, I want to go on them still!

What would you say to a young person who has come into care?

Try not to worry, and everything will be OK. You will be safe with your foster carers. You will be well looked after, taken care of, fed, and it will be a place you can call home.

I live with another child who is five and when he came he was scared. So I welcomed him into the family and played with him. He can sometimes be annoying, but I see him as my little brother. My mates who see him say that he is cute!

Now you have turned 18 – what’s your plans next?

I will be doing Staying Put here, which means I can stay with Mum and Dad, and nothing changes. My mum will also support me to see my birth family this month for my 18th birthday, which I am looking forward to.

I plan to do an internship through the college, which is run by the local council for a year. I am feeling nervous about it, but I am looking forward to starting it. I know some of my mates are doing the internship also, which I am pleased about.


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Date published

12 June 2023

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