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I recently took part in the Brit Kid Expedition and loved it

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One of our young people recently participated in the Brit Kid Expedition over the summer holidays. Following her love of performing arts, we share how she found the experience.


Tell us about the Brit-Kids Expedition and why you wanted to attend? 

The Brit Kids Summer School was a week full of Musical Theatre, where I was taught a new dance and how to sing while dancing. I decided to join it since I would have ended up staying at home, all cooped up in my room. I am glad I did since I made loads of new friends who have the same interests as me!


What was it like to attend the Brit-Kids? What happens day-to-day. 

Every day was the same schedule, and we had a week to come up with a little showcase to perform to the other ages that were also there. I started off my day with Musical Theatre, then it was dance and then we would have lunch. After lunch, it would be Singing and then to end the day, I had theatre. Between each class we had a 5-10 minute break just to cool down. Because of the limited time we had, we could not really waste time laying about in the studio and was always on the go. For example in the dance class, as soon as we finished running the dance, the teacher would rewind the song and we would go from the start. I remember at the start of the week, and the dance teacher said she was going to make us hate the song because of how many times we would hear and dance to it!

We heard you like to sing (amazing news!). What got you into singing? 

I have always liked to sing, ever since I was younger. When I had my chance to be using the TV instead of my brother, it would most likely be on one of the many music channels where I would dance and try to sing along to the random songs that came up. I think that as i grew up I realised that along with acting, it was something i wanted to do once i became an adult.


Who is your favourite singing/inspiration?

To be honest, I have quite a few since I have such a mixed taste of music. If I were to name my top three, they would have to be Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars and a Kpop group who go by the name of BlackPink. I feel like they all shape my love for music and singing!


What was your favourite part about Brit-Kids? 

I think my most favourite part was being in a room full of people who liked the same things that I liked. This made it really easy to make new friends when I thought I was not going to. The people I was grouped with were my age group, so things that we talked about other than Musical theatre were very similar :)


If you could sum up your experience in 3 words, what would they be?  

Active, fun, confident-boosting (hopefully that counts as one word.)


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Date published

13 September 2023

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