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I have been with Nexus Fostering since the very beginning - Part 3

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Danny Strutt tells us about some of the experiences he has had when fostering different children over the years.

My first placement was with two little girls who were sisters. They were 3 and 5 years old. My wife was busy on the second day of looking after them, so I took the sisters to the park. I recall the older sister accidentally pushing a swing into her sister and hurting her eye. I was horrified and worried, but luckily, after a visit to the Doctor immediately and letting my Social Worker know there wasn't a problem and she was ok. 


One of the most challenging but satisfying times I remember was a parent and child placement. The mum left in the end on safety grounds for the baby, and we was with a baby who hadn't left mum side since they arrived. She was lovely, but it was very full on, bless her. We had a few challenging moments with her for 18 months. Her potenital adopters we were helping and encouraging them to know the baby, including having them over for the day, slowly letting them take over the baby's care until it was time to leave her there. We supported the new parents for quite some time and became distant friends. The baby is now 15 years old and a very capable and well-educated young lady.


Another of our early placements was a boy. We had prepared everything for him, including a lovely steak pie, only to find out he was a vegetarian. He was a sweet, polite little boy with us, but sometimes not with many others. The boy went to move to another carer in the end, but he kept running back to ours, and I would have to take him back. Eventually, he went back to his own family, which was great.


One of my lows I remember was a young lady I cared for with learning difficulties. She had four children of her own, and all have been taken into care, three of whom are disabled. That was upsetting for me as it wasn't a positive outcome. Nexus Fostering supported me through this, and you have to remember you have done everything you can to help.


Most fostering placements are positive if you show patience and respect, give fair boundaries and treat the foster children with empathy and kindness. It is good if you can get on with the birth family where it is appropriate. Offer reassurance to the family and foster children. You are helping them through this challenging time and their career until things improve for the family or until the court says they can go home.


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Date published

27 September 2023

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