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I have been with Nexus Fostering since the very beginning - Part 1

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Danny Strutt has been a foster carer with Nexus Fostering since the very beginning back from 2002. Danny was our first foster carer to Join Nexus Fostering and is still with us to this very day. Danny shared his wealth of experience with us. 


I started fostering around 30 years ago with the local authority. We wanted to Foster as our children had grown up and left home, and we had empty bedrooms and a very quiet house. My wife was the instigator; after we watched a documentary about street children and kids in care, we knew we could do something to help. In our country, I knew a couple of children from a children's home in Harrow and how they missed family life. I also had a difficult childhood and could understand children's difficulties, so I made an easy decision to foster.

We transferred to Nexus Fostering because I worked with Grace (the founder) before she set up Nexus Fostering and knew she would improve our lives and the children we cared for. When we transferred, we brought the three children we were caring for at the time. We knew with John, Kelly, and Grace at the helm, we had a great team to start with.

When I decided to become a foster carer twenty-one years ago, I was with my first wife, Janet. Then, in 2002, I sadly lost Janet and became a single carer. I already had foster children living with me then and demonstrated I could look after them on my own. 2004, I left to live in Brazil and married Solange in December 2005. In 2007, we returned to the UK, went to a Nexus Fostering summer event, talked with Grace, and then decided to go for approval to become foster carers together. We were supported through the process and went to panel.


Head to part 2 to find out how Danny and Solange got on fostering together - I have been with Nexus Fostering since the very beginning - Part 2 | Nexus Fostering


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Date published

27 September 2023

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