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Foster Carer Eunice takes on Race for Life challenge with her young people.

London Foster Carer takes on Cancer Research Race for Life 5k run.

Foster Carer takes on mission for supporting Cancer Research UK Race for Life. 


Foster Carer Eunice shared with us the importance of why she wanted to raise funds for Cancer Research UK Race for Life and told us, 'Having had people close to me lose their life to such a cruel disease, when I found out about the 5K happening in our local park, I thought it would be a good cause to raise money for and get involved in.'
Having been fostering for over ten years, Eunice knows how vital it is to create positive bonds with the children and young people she cares for. Having the chance to get her young people involved was a no-brainer for her.

'I asked my two young people if they wanted to complete The Race for Life with me. I had a conversation with my young people, explaining that cancer is a disease from which people have died.'

The run aims to raise money to help with further research that helps save lives. 
The boys agreed they wanted to participate in the race, and the three of them decided to do the 5k run. Eunice told us, 'We did not prepare for the race much as we decided to take part very close to the date. Also, we were away on holiday. We did find time to climb 300 stairs daily while away.'

Having completed the race, the children felt a sense of pride and accomplishment, as if they were working as a team for a great cause. 

'We managed to raise £727.00, exceeding our goal of £500.00.' 👍🤗😁

Eunice expressed her gratitude for our help, as Nexus Fostering donated funds towards their goal. 'Thank you very much for your contribution. Please also include a big thank you to all Foster Carers and the Nexus Fostering staff who contributed.'

At Nexus Fostering, we are proud to support our Foster Carers with their goals and love to see our young people getting involved in important causes and building strong bonds with their Foster Carers. Find out more on how we train and support our foster carers and see which one of our local offices across the UK is near you. 

Get in touch with us to find out how you can become a Foster Carer with an Ofsted outstanding fostering agency and help children and young people - Contact Us | Nexus Fostering 





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Date published

18 June 2024

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