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Foster Care Fortnight 2023 | What is a Fostering Community?


Each year since 1997, the UK’s leading fostering charity The Fostering Network delivers its awareness-raising campaign, Foster Care Fortnight. The annual two-week campaign celebrates the incredible dedication and compassion of foster carers throughout the UK and also highlights the urgent need for more individuals and families to become foster carers.

In 2023, Fostering Fortnight returns from Monday May 15th to Sunday May 28th with Fostering Communities as its awareness theme.




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Date published

15 May 2023

What is a Fostering Community?

Throughout the next two weeks, The Fostering Network will celebrate the strength and resilience of Fostering Communities, shining a light on the extraordinary work that takes place to provide children and young people in need with a supported environment for them to thrive.

There are currently over 80,000 children that are in current foster care placements and around 30,000 more children come into foster care every year in the UK, meaning the need for new foster families is urgent and vital to transforming lives.

Fostering Communities (1)

The Nexus Fostering Community

From our directors, social workers, and foster carers to our administrators, education team, and family support workers, we all have the same goal - every team here at Nexus Fostering is working to provide a child or young person in need with a safe, supportive home and an opportunity to excel.

We spoke with Emma Silk, Deputy Area Manager of Nexus Fostering Norwich about what the Nexus Fostering Community means to her:

Spending time with our young people, spending time with our foster carers and spending time as a collective is something which is really an important part and what we want for Nexus as a collective community. The phrase ‘fostering community’ makes me think of ensuring everything we do has our vulnerable children and young people at the heart of being part of a team surrounding them and offering them exceptional care. Our foster carers are the most integral and vital to supporting our young people to the best of our abilities. Which we at Nexus want to support to the optimum.

We will be using these two weeks to celebrate the incredible work that our teams do to support our foster carers.

Join us over on our FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn pages where we will be sharing everything about our Nexus Fostering Community

Could you be part of a Fostering Community?

You may be using Foster Care Fortnight to learn more about fostering before taking the first step to becoming a foster carer, if that’s the case, we’d love to hear from you when you’re ready to take that step. Enquire here – and we’ll give you a call, whenever suits you. 

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