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Filling the void of Mum and Dad

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There are many roles you have to fulfil to be a good role model in a child’s life. In reality, there isn’t much of a difference between the roles of a foster carer and a biological parent. In this blog, we will help you understand how to deal with the challenges faced by new foster parents.

Being a good role model

It is important that foster children have a role model to look up to. Every child needs an adult they feel they can talk to in any situation and at any time. It is essential to remember a good parent isn’t perfect, as everybody is just human. It is important to be affectionate, positive and a good listener; remember that children learn a lot from their parents and will, therefore, pick up a lot of personality traits from foster carers too.

Understanding a child’s needs

If you are new to being a parent, you will learn very quickly that children have complex needs. It will be your responsibility to understand the child’s individual needs and work around them. You will find yourself growing with your foster child and understanding more about how they learn & think whilst learning more about yourself.

Understanding Your Needs

Your needs as a foster parent are just as important as those of the children, the skills you have, the patience you have, are all important to the development of your foster child. The ability to relate and form relationships with these children is essential for you, understanding that you need something, in turn, makes the day-to-day care of your foster child much easier and far more rewarding.

Whether you are looking into short or long-term foster care, there are essentials that all carers must understand. There are many similarities between parents and foster carers. The true basics of looking after a child, remain the same as caring for your own child. This doesn’t mean being a foster parent is the same as being a biological parent, as there are some differences that make a huge difference in your parenting decisions. The most obvious difference is that at any time, the child may be returned to their birth family.

The rewards and the needs that foster parents to nurture children in difficulty are never far from their minds. At Nexus Fostering, are always willing to support and oversee the care, offering 24/7 support 365 days of the year, for both parents and children alike.

Ultimately, filling the void of mum and dad isn’t just about being called “mum” or “dad” it’s about being the role model in this child’s life. It’s about being able to support them every step of the way and truly setting them up for the next stages of their own lives.



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Date published

23 March 2022

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