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Farewell and thank you Sue!

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Farewell and thank you Sue!

Yesterday we celebrated and bid goodbye with a heavy heart to our Anglia team Area Manager, Sue, who is stepping down to enjoy more time with her family.

We want to thank and recognise Sue for her incredible commitment, care, knowledge, and skills and the difference she has made to so many children, foster carers and colleagues along the way.

Sue writes:

Thank you and Farewell.

After being part of Nexus for 17 years it is time for me to say farewell. I am leaving to spend time with my own son and to concentrate on my own fostering alongside my husband.

When I started there was only two small teams London and Anglia. We soon expanded to Birmingham and then central which happened quite naturally. We had some great team days learning together on social work matters, understanding the direction of the agency and most of all had lots of silliness and fun, whilst we forgot we were adults and not children! There was good competition of who could rise to the challenge of the best team song to the silliest secret Santa gift.
There is no doubt Nexus has grown and expanded but the love, the passion, and the purpose of wanting to provide safe and stable placements remains.

I have met and worked with some fantastic colleagues over the years, and I will obviously always remain proud to have been part of the Nexus and especially Anglia region.

Ten years ago, Rupert and I made the decision to foster. We had both been working in fostering for several years and on the back of the work we did in supporting carers and young people, we decided we wanted a bit of what others had! Wow, what an eye opener being the other side of an assessment not alone how you embrace a vulnerable child coming into your home. We found we were not perfect and certainly not experts or even close. We have loved growing and maturing into what I believe to a stable fostering family and our son Rhys plays a major role within everything we do.

Rupert and I owe so much to our roles within fostering, if we had not found fostering as part of our social work career path we would not be blessed with the most amazing and precious son that we have.

My son recently made me wake up and realise how much of my life was centred around Nexus and not around him, not around our family. Something had to change to get a better work life balance but every which way I looked, I knew I couldn’t given Nexus and my team what they needed and give more of myself to Rhys and my family without making a sacrifice. My family won out 100%.

I therefore say farewell to Nexus and a huge thank you to everyone whose played a part in my life over the years. Who knows if I will reappear in time in a different disguise but for now …………thank you and good bye x

Thank you again Sue, we will miss you here at Nexus Fostering!

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