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Can I foster as a single carer?

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What do you need to be a single foster carer?

Well, time (this is a must), a love for life (always helpful) and an understanding of different backgrounds is what has got me this far and yes, I am coping!

Embracing situations and finding a way to work on the positive notes is what I find helps keep an all-important PMA (positive mental attitude) in both myself and my young people.

There is nothing worse than feeling overwhelmed in life but feeling overwhelmed with children to care for was a huge worry for me. I am a single carer in my mid 30’s with a son of my own, who is 1, and I was about to take on other vulnerable children.

Passing the fostering panel

You can imagine the thoughts dashing through my mind at 2am the day I went to Panel. As I waited to hear if I would be accepted I had very mixed emotions. All my fears and concerns were at the forefront of my mind.

How will this affect my son going forward?

Will he accept them?

Will he blame me if things don’t work out?

What if I can’t cope?

And of course, what am I doing?

With all these questions running through my head it’s a wonder I could get through the panel meeting, but I did, and I passed… so what now?

The house was prepared and ready and so was I, but how do I prepare my 1 year old for someone coming into our house that I didn’t even know?

Can you foster with your own baby?

It’s now 8 months on and 2 parent and child placements down and I’m thankful I trusted my instinct and that I choose Nexus Fostering to partner with me in this journey.

Yes, it was a scary move and yes, I had doubts, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

My son is happy and comfortable with it and as it’s turned out he enjoys having some other small people as company! He is like a big brother and wants to help with all aspects of it.

Nexus Fostering have held my hand all the way through and I don’t think I would have been as confident without the help they have provided.

I have been talked through every aspect of how things work and why (which is important) and I have never at any time felt alone.

If I have called someone has always been able to help and be there in person if needed. My Supervising Social Worker has been and is regularly my saving grace and I feel that, although I am a single carer, I am never actually alone with her by my side.

Sometimes life throws curved balls at you and I feel like I caught this one and was able to throw it back in a straight line!


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Date published

12 November 2018

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