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Busting fostering myths at Christmas! #mythbauble


This Christmas, we’re focussing on busting the myths that surround fostering. This year, like many others, we’ve been hearing about the many reasons that people think they can’t foster… with many of these reasons unfounded and plain mythical!!

So, to clear up any questions about who can foster… we’ve been adding #MythBaubles to our Nexus Christmas tree on our social channels throughout the month, with each bauble representing a fostering myth. Here they are in all their glory, filling up the bare Christmas Myth Busting Tree….

Contrary to popular belief, you CAN foster if you’re single. You don’t have to be in a relationship or married to foster. In fact, some young people are not best placed with a particular sex of carer for various reasons, so single or same-sex carers make a perfect match. We’ve many single Foster Carers at Nexus Fostering, and we are always available to support them, so they never feel alone fostering with us.

You CAN foster if you rent/don’t own your home. Having a mortgage doesn’t make you any more able to foster. So long as we’ve confirmation from the property owner, to say that they’re happy for you to foster in their property, you can be ready to make your house a home!

Many of our Foster Carers have birth children who are either still living at home or who have flown the nest. Having birth children at home can be so beneficial for the young person coming into your home, they CAN be a great peer for support and advice, and will help them to settle in.

A common myth that we often hear is that you can’t foster if you have pets at home. So to clear this one up once and for all… you CAN foster with pets and even dogs at home. Pets can act as a great ice-breaker when you meet your young person, as well as offer emotional support and comforting snuggles for them!

So many of you think you’re too old or even to young to foster! So long as you fit the requirements and you’re fit and healthy (and above 21!) — you CAN foster. Young people need a safe and caring home environment, and age is not something that should get in the way of providing this.

We need Foster Carers from all walks of life to reflect the diversity of young people coming into care.

 Sometimes there are young people who cannot be placed with a particular gender, so same-sex Foster Carers can potentially make a good match. You CAN foster if you’re LGBTQ+, single or in a same-sex relationship.

Foster Carers are sought after from different backgrounds, cultures and religions to match children with their cultural and religious needs. You CAN foster, with a religion and help to uphold your young person’s faith.

You don’t necessarily need to have had your own children to be able to foster. So long as you’ve a spare room and the nurturing care to give, you CAN foster! With our support and training, you’ll be well equipped to foster successfully.

We hope we’ve busted some fostering myths so you’re more aware that you CAN foster! Now there’s not much stopping you changing lives… what are you waiting for?




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Date published

22 December 2022