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There are many benefits to celebrating birthdays, from building a sense of self-worth, to helping a child respect their peers. This is especially important as the child grows up and learns how to treat themselves and others.

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss the importance of celebration, for building your family bond and a child’s well-being.

Did you know, that the beginning of birthday celebrations as we know them today originated in ancient Rome! Their birthday celebrations weren’t exactly the same as ours, however, the celebration evolved through time to what we know today. 

How should I celebrate?

The first birthday in foster care can be difficult – When settling into a new home a child may be cautious around other children or adults. Because of this, birthdays are the perfect time to connect with a foster child and make them feel welcome in their new home.

We understand that sometimes birthdays can be tricky to organise (especially when there are many around the same time!), however, it is important to remember that a great birthday doesn’t have to involve an excessive amount of spending.

Some options include;

  • A family barbeque/picnic
  • A day out at the beach
  • A party with classmates

The potential financial stresses of celebrating a child’s birthday can be difficult in some situations, albeit with food, gifts and booking events. We understand the struggles some families may go through with events such as these and aim to lend a helping hand in any way we can. This is why here at Nexus Fostering, we offer a birthday allowance to help you financially for the child’s birthday. 

Sometimes, you should take some time to put yourself in your foster child’s shoes. Think about what they have been through, and the situation they are in now. Do you think a large birthday party with lots of friends would benefit them? Or would a small family event be more beneficial?


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Date published

15 May 2022

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