Week 3: Shaping Futures: Short and Long-Term Fostering, Teenagers and Siblings

Find out all you need to know about week 3 of our virtual events

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Step into week 3 of our virtual event series - Tuesday 4th June 1pm

Discover a variety of fostering opportunities in our virtual event! From short to long-term fostering, we'll explore the dynamics of each. Dive into the fulfilling experience of fostering teenagers and the importance of keeping siblings together. Join us for insights, shared experiences, and a journey that transforms lives. Register now and be part of this empowering conversation!


Hosted by Anabela Hansen, Placements Manager.

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Read foster carers Halima and Adam's story....

Halima, 32 and Adam, 37 are fostering a 16-year-old boy alongside their birth children, a nearly 2-year-old daughter and an 8-year-old son. Halima says "It's such a big process but look at what you get at the end; you get another family member. He's so considerate, he's amazing with our younger children”.

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Halima And Adam