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can i foster?

  • am i too old to foster?

    No! Age is just a number when it comes to fostering. We need people who have life experiences that children in your care.

  • can i foster if i have pets?

    Yes. In fact, some young people will be matched with you because you have pets. Animals, particularly cats and dogs, can act as a great ice breaker, especially on that first day when you and the child might be feeling nervous about them being in your home.

  • can i foster if i am single?

    Yes. We have many single Foster Carers who have a solid support network of family and friends who offer practical and emotional support when needed. The Nexus Fostering team is also always available to support you, so you will never feel alone when you foster with us.

  • i rent my home, can i foster?

    Yes. We just need confirmation from the property owner to say that they are happy for you to foster in their property.

  • do i need to be able to drive?

    This depends on the area you live in. If you are in a very rural area this could cause a problem but if you live in a city, driving might not necessity.

  • i have a criminal record, does that stop me from fostering?

    It depends on the criminal record. If it was something like stealing a car and it was some time ago, you could now be an excellent role model. Don’t let a criminal record put you off speaking to us as you may have lots to offer a young person.

  • can i choose the age of the children i foster?

    We prefer Foster Carers to have an open mind about age groups as it gives us the opportunity to offer them the chance to look after a larger number of children. We encourage Foster Carers to focus on the needs of the child, not their age, and then decide if you can help them.

  • do i need a spare bedroom to foster?

    Yes, you need a spare bedroom to foster with Nexus Fostering.

  • can i work and foster?

    This depends on the needs of the child. We prefer there to be a Foster Carer available for the child all of the time. Some young people are not in school, or are on a shortened timetable and cannot be left home alone. You need to be available to take children to school, their appointments and contact visits to see their birth families. You are also required to attend regular training.

    If you cannot give up work completely let us know as some of our Foster Carers work from home or have flexible hours so, it can sometimes work.

  • we are a same-sex couple, can we foster?

    Yes. We need diverse Foster Carers to reflect the diversity of young people coming into care. Sometimes there are young people who cannot be placed with a particular gender so same sex Foster Carers can make a particularly good match.

  • i practice a religion, can i foster?

    Yes, we need foster carers from different backgrounds, cultures and religions to match children with their cultural and religious needs.

  • can i be a part-time foster carer

    Yes, in some areas we have a need for people to foster on a part time basis.


  • how long does it take to become a foster carer?

    The assessment process normally takes between 4-6 months.

  • what happens during the assessment process?

    You will have a dedicated assessor who will visit and support you throughout the process. Various checks including referee, medical and a DBS will be completed and you are required to attend a Skills to Foster training course.

  • how do you match a child or young person with new foster carers?

    We match children carefully with our Foster Carers. During the assessment process, we will build up an understanding of what will work for you and your household which will help us to make good matches.

  • is fostering the same as adoption?

    No. Fostering is a way of offering children a stable family home when their own family is unable to care for them. Fostering is often temporary and Foster Carers do not have parental responsibly for the child they care for, as this lies with the local authority. Adoption is a permanent legal arrangement which results in the adopters having full parental responsibly for the children they have adopted.

  • what happens when we want to go on holiday?

    We encourage you to take your foster child on holiday with you so that they really feel part of the family, but we also understand you might need a break from fostering. You’ll receive 14 days paid respite a year when you foster with Nexus.

  • can i foster more than one child?

    Yes, if you have the space, time and energy to do so. If you have more than one spare bedroom fostering sibling groups could work well for you.


nexus fostering

  • why should I choose nexus fostering?

    Nexus Fostering is an Ofsted outstanding rated agency that offers excellent support, training and guidance. We match children carefully to suit the needs of both the children and the Foster Carers. We are immensely proud of the differences our Foster Carers have made to the lives of young people over the last two decades.

  • what areas do nexus fostering cover?

    We have a number of offices across England;  London, Essex, Norfolk, Bedfordshire, Birmingham, Cambridgeshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire and cover the surroundings areas of these locations.

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