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Well my names is G and I've just started a new school.On my first day I was soo exited, I made new friends and had fun.One of my friend said she was having a birthday party and I was soo excited and me and my friend were jumping up and down like lunatics. ❤Day of the party❤ Well I brought a new dress from Primark that had a bow at the back and you could see abit of my back and it was a dark blue dress. I wore laced high heels that where black and had my hair down and was abit curly. As we were driving there I was sining "I'm so exited I just can't hide it " all the way. As I was about go get out I saw a girl that had the same dress as me ! EMBARRASSING. I got back in the car and then my mum said " go on nothing bad is going to happen" so then I got out the car then .......

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