Womens footballl team photo

Working with Larkspur Rovers Ladies FC

23 June 2016

Photo of the Wealdstone Ladies Football Team


I am a 19 year old girl and came in to foster carer when I was 8 years old. I tried various activities including dance and gymnastics and then decided to give football a go. Being the youngest of 5 siblings, I soon realised that being part of a football team was like being part of a larger family, too! 

I have played for the same manager for over ten years now and my football friends and I have grown up together along the way; some really good games and a few we would rather forget!  Overall, I am very proud of my trophies and accomplishments within the team.  I am grateful to my foster carers for giving me the stability and opportunity to play in the beginning and more recently was really pleased and would like to thank Nexus for offering to sponsor my team.

I would encourage other young children to find something they enjoy and stick with it, as from my own experience, it has really helped.

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