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#PROUDTOFOSTER – sharing your parents

4 October 2016

LTeenage girliving within the 55,000 UK fostering households, there is a sizeable group of people who quietly make the world of difference to vulnerable foster children. Within this group, are foster carers’ own children; welcoming strangers in to their homes to share their lives and share their parents. We think that makes them pretty special and selfless people.

Ranging in ages from very young to mature, they can form that bridge to connect a foster child with their foster carers. They can ‘show them the ropes’, introduce them to their hobbies, introduce them to their friends and make them feel an important part of their new foster family.

Birth daughter, Lily remembers Charlie arriving in her home:

“The 5th of May 2016 was the day our family was added to and for the better may I add!

Charlie arrived at our home, we were all very excited but also slightly anxious because of course we wanted him to like us. Since that day, I have never looked back, it already seems like Charlie has been with us for years, and I could not imagine my day to day life without having Charlie as part of our family. I am very proud to be part of a family that fosters, to be able to provide someone with the life they truly deserve is the best feeling in the world.

Being part of this experience also makes me very proud of my mum and step-dad, because after all if it was not for them taking this step, none of this would have happened. Working within a school myself, and being part of fostering family makes you extremely aware of how much of a difference you can make to a person’s life, and I am so happy that our family has taken this step, and I am honoured to be part of this process!

I cannot wait to see what the future holds, and having Charlie as part of our family just makes it feel complete”

Lily’s mum, Vivienne, says:

“Chris and I went to panel in October 2015. The whole process was given with great support from Nexus Fostering. We received quite a few referrals at first and each time thinking “this is it, it’s happening” but it wasn’t to be. I’m a great believer it fate and that everything happens for a reason. Then in May 2016 we had our very first placement, I’m not sure who was more nervous me or the foster child. I opened the door to a 9yr old boy who from the word go was a 100mph child, we have experienced many emotions and behaviours but with the support of Nexus Fostering we have coped and succeeded…..so far!

It’s very tiring at times but is hugely rewarding and he is part of our family and feels like he has been with us for years.

Nexus has played a massive part of our fostering and I’m totally confident that support is there 24/7 and as the Anglian office is run by a small team they all know you. Our social worker Belinda is like extended family and we feel very comfortable talking to her about anything and any situation.

We have found the experience of fostering rewarding and to help a less fortunate child to grow up in a loving family home and shown how it should be then it’s a win-win.”

Another of our carers’ birth daughter, Isla, says:

“I’m an only child and my parents started fostering when I turned 16. I had always wanted to have siblings so I felt so excited when my parents told me what fostering was all about.

I have loved the experience of getting to know all of the children we have looked after and being able to play a part/role in their lives no matter how long or short their stay with us. That’s not to say that it doesn’t come without its challenges, but it is such a great experience when you can see you are making a positive difference to a child’s life. It is such a rewarding job, one that I know myself and my parents take pride in.

I’m so glad my parents made that decision to open their home to children who need it the most. Despite all the obstacles and challenges that these children face, they are so resilient, and I think anyone who has been a part of, or had experience of spending a considerable amount of time with looked after children, will agree with me when I say that they are truly inspirational.”


Of course, you don’t need to have had children of your own to become a foster carer with us. We value your life experience, skills and wish to make young lives change for the better. We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds, lifestyles and ethnicity.







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