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Our independent inspections have consistently identified that one of the strengths of Nexus Fostering is our comprehensive and excellent support to our foster carers in a personal, yet professional manner.

Here's what some of our carers have to say:

"Nexus has offered much support to us" - Linda & Ken
"Support from Nexus has been excellent whilst children are in placement. Our link worker is always more than happy to listen, offer advice and support with any issues that have arisen" - Cameron & Hannah
"There have been lots of training days to attend. Also carer support groups have been helpful. Our link worker is a valuable source of information and is always on hand for help and support. It is nice to have 24-hour support if you need it from the duty worker" - Gabby & Xavier
"Nexus is very good at focusing on the best relevant training for our needs" - Tina & Richard
"Very good help in the form of financial funding when we were struggling with a child's behaviour. Always available for advice, support groups and nearby training, our social worker has been fantastic during our difficult time with losing one of the children we had in placement" Steve & Karen
"We have received lots of training and all has been very useful" - Aliyah & Ethan

"Nexus are always there to offer help and support; they couldn't be better" - Morgan & Bev

"We have 24-hour support if needed. Someone is always on call from Nexus out of office hours. My Social Worker has always been there for us, as a family, at times of crisis. A member of Nexus is always with us at placements, reviews and any significant meetings" - Lee & Andi

"Support has been consistently very good from all members of Staff. Any questions/queries have been answered and dealt with quickly and efficiently, no matter how small or large" - Andrea

"The support has been excellent, forming a working relationship is important to me. It's nice to know I can call them and they listen or advise me accordingly" - Keisha

"All training I have received is useful" - Natasha

"We get the impression that there is a genuine friend behind us willing to support us in every problem" - Mark & Steve

"Nexus Fostering are always there to help whenever we need them" - Maria

"We know if we need anyone from Nexus Fostering they're at the end of the line" - Colin & Annette

"Support is always there if needed" - Gina & Debbie

Here's what some of our children and young people in placement with Nexus Fostering carers say:

"I like it here because S and G are kind" - K, 7

"I like their home. It is very comfortable. I like my foster carers because they are funny and kind" - T, 10

"They are very kind and nice. They are very loving to me" - S, 11

"I like the children's events because we get to see all the other children" - D, 10

Here's what some of the local authority social workers have to say:

"I would just like to write to praise the carers for all their hard work, effort and investment in the child which has been so positive for her, and has achieved such positive outcomes. A huge well done and thank you for all your help at Nexus, and to the carers especially. They are brilliant carers and I wish them all the best in their future placements; which I hope will be some of my clients. Thanks!" - Norfolk County Council

"I would like to say an enormous thank you to the fantastic Nexus crew; you have always made me feel very welcome and supported. You truly are a great team and so obviously take great care and pride in your work" - Play therapist, Ealing Council