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How well children and young people are helped and protected: outstanding

"Children and young people receive excellent help and protection from their foster carers and the agency staff and managers. Most children and young people, including those deemed to be highly vulnerable, rarely go missing from care. They also experience a substantial reduction in their risk of being subject to child sexual exploitation. The complex needs of children and young people are well understood by the foster carers and agency staff, who plan effectively to significantly reduce the risks. Foster carers and staff do not give up on the children and young people easily when they exhibit challenging behaviour. They persevere and use professional expertise to help children and young people to reduce their behavioural difficulties."

"Children and young people spoken with stated that they felt safe in their foster placements and were able to identify trusted adults whom they can talk to about any concerns, including about their foster carers. It is apparent that children and young people, including those who have experienced severe trauma and multiple placement changes in the past, enjoy secure attachments to their foster carers."