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Overall experiences and progress of children and young people: outstanding

"The vast majority of children and young people make exceptional progress from their challenging starting points. A social worker stated that her child has achieved ‘impossible outcomes’ since being placed with his foster carers. Another social worker stated that her young person has ‘managed to turn her life around’ with the support of her carers. Another social worker described the transformation of her child as ‘beautiful’. Children and young people thrive in their placements. Children and young people who spoke to inspectors stated that there was nothing that they wanted to change about their carers or the home that they live in."

"They have a sense of normalcy, hope and optimism in their lives. They enjoy unwavering support from their foster carers, who have become their family, and they have a place to call their home."

"The quality of assessments of prospective foster carers is thorough. Managers provide good oversight of the analysis of the applicant’s fostering capacity. They are very careful to match children and young people to foster carers who can meet their assessed needs. Managers also carefully consider the impact of the placements on existing household members."