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Kim & Malcolm

Kim and Malcolm transferred from their previous agency four years ago. They brought with them two sibling brothers (children numbers 8 & 9 from a family of 10!). One child was fine, the other had very challenging behaviour and they felt like their previous agency gave them little or no support.

Kim threatened to leave this agency on a number of occasions, but finally decided to take the plunge when the local authority placements officer advised them not to go to any old agency, but to go to Nexus.

Paul (a manager at Nexus) went along to meet them, explained what they could expect from Nexus and was open and honest with them. They were very impressed and decided to go ahead and transfer.

Kim said "The transfer process was really straightforward. The boys stayed in placement for a year after they transferred to Nexus, one was adopted and the more challenging boy went to a specialist centre out of county where he is doing very well."

Kim and Malcolm’s daughter and her husband are now foster carers with Nexus, too.

Kim says: "Working for Nexus is like having a different job because we get such great support. The staff at the local office are very friendly and supportive and there’s always someone to chat things through with. I would definitely recommend fostering with Nexus."