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Debbie joined Nexus in 2011. She’d fostered with her local authority and even adopted her little boy whilst there. There were no foster children in placement when she transferred.

Debbie knew Paul (a Nexus manager) when he worked at the local authority himself so when Debbie found out he was moving to Nexus she decided to find out more about transferring to the agency.

Debbie transferred to Nexus and has never been happier: "It’s the best thing I ever did. Friends still fostering with the local authority tell me how lucky I am. Fostering with Nexus is easy and stress free. Some of my friends have transferred to Nexus with me!"

Debbie now has a sibling group of three girls in long term placement, plus her adopted son and her 3 birth children. Since 2001, Debbie has fostered 150 children and has photos of all of them on her walls at home.

If you are interested in transferring to Nexus, please complete the Call Back form on the Transferring page.