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could you foster someone like Luke?

Why is Luke in care?

Luke and his mum have been known to social services for a number of years because of his mum’s mental health problems and her inability to care for him appropriately. The home environment can be chaotic depending on his mum’s health. Six months ago, Luke’s mum began a new relationship which unfortunately became violent and put Luke at further risk. Luke’s mum failed to protect him and as a result Luke has been put into care. Luke is 12.

What behaviours does Luke display?

As a result of this situation, Luke finds it hard to trust others and is confused about why his mum chose her current partner over him. This confusion sometimes leads to challenging angry outbursts. Due to the chaotic, neglectful home environment Luke often doesn’t attend school so he is behind with his school work and has few friends. When he is scared and angry he often runs away.

What does Luke need?

Luke needs foster carers who can see beyond his behaviours and understand the reasons for them and someone who can acknowledge that the displayed behaviours are ultimately as a result of circumstances and his past experiences that are not his fault. He would benefit greatly from the following:

  • Boundaries
  • Stability
  • Security
  • Routine
  • A listening ear
  • Empathy & understanding

Could you foster someone like Luke?

If you would like to find out more about helping young people like Luke, call us on 0800 3890143 or enquire online.