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case studies

transferring to nexus

Transferring to Nexus is easy! Here’s a couple of stories from foster carers who transferred to us and how they found the process:

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why nexus

We spoke to some of our existing foster carers and asked them why they chose Nexus Fostering over other fostering providers. Here’s what they had to say:

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parent and child case studies

This type of specialist fostering is usually short term and gives the foster carer an opportunity to guide the young parent into making child centred decisions, putting their children first and keeping them safe.

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could you foster someone like Luke?

Luke and his mum have been known to social services for a number of years because of his mum’s mental health problems and her inability to care for him appropriately. The home environment can be chaotic depending on his mum’s health.

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could you foster someone like Daione?

Daione has been in care for two years. She was taken into care as both her parents have a drug and alcohol problem. Daione’s needs were of low priority in the household and her parents would often spend their income on drugs and alcohol rather than food for the family. Daione is 14.

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could you foster someone like Kieran?

Kieran has just been taken into care. His mum left Kieran and his dad in the family home and has moved away from the area wishing to start a new life. Kieran and his dad struggle to get by because although dad tries hard he has mental health problems and neglects his son’s needs. As a result, Kieran suffers from neglect and has not been taught basic hygiene and is known at school as the dirty kid. Kieran is 10.

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could you foster someone like Sarah?

Sarah experienced neglect, physical abuse and emotional abuse while in her mother’s care. She was taken into care when she was 7 years old. Sarah was in a long term foster placement but her carers decided that her behaviour was too challenging and they couldn’t keep her safe. Sarah is 16.

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