Why choose us? – Jessica

22 December 2017

We hope that by now you are learning more about fostering, but what is it like to foster with us? We spoke to one of our carers, Jessica, from the midlands team and here’s what she had to say.

From the outset Nexus Fostering made me feel welcome and, after an initial home visit and attendance at the Skills to Fostering course, I began the in-depth assessment process to assess my suitability, but also for me to be sure that fostering was for me.

This assessment leaves no stone unturned and rightly questions your values and experiences.

All the staff at Nexus Fostering are supportive, down to earth, and approachable. The support from them has been excellent. Our social worker is very helpful and supportive, and we’ve really appreciated the knowledge that there is around-the-clock phone support.

There are great opportunities for learning, with regular, quality training sessions and networking opportunities with other foster carers. There are also many social events offering support and friendships to develop between carers, foster children, and birth children. 

Having this support has made a big difference and has helped me through all of my placements.  

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