Who inspires me?

12 July 2018

Steve & Sylvia (Mom & Dad)

I am writing about my Mom and Dad because they inspire me to do my homework and they help me to do my homework.

They sit with me and talk with me. They go to my parents evening and concerts and they come to all my school meetings.

They encourage me to do stuff in school and in life. At home my mom and dad encourage me to be nice and polite and respectful to people that I meet.

Also we all play board games when ever special events come up like Christmas, my birthday and Easter. I got lots of amazing stuff. My sister and my brother also encourage me to do well at other things.

They also treat me to days out to Drayton Manor Park and we also go to Alton Towers.

We go on a family holiday every year to Turkey and they taught me how to swim in three days. And we usually meet our cousins in Turkey.

We went on a boat and we went to the seaside and we were swimming in the sea and we went to swim with the dolphins and we wouldn’t be swimming with the dolphins if Rose didn’t pay, she’s my auntie.

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