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When People ask, we recommend Nexus with all our hearts

9 March 2016

Photo of a foster carerNine years ago, life was quite different for Londoner, Sally, and her family. Mum to four children, Sally was running her own business, in the process of a separating from her partner and moving home.

“At the time, my business demanded my attention six days a week, so I was hardly home enough for my own children, so I knew something had to give. My aunt had been encouraging me to become a foster carer because she thought I’d be very good at it and I felt my home had enough love to share with at least one other child.”

Moving house meant the inevitable viewing of potential homes and it was during one viewing that Sally heard about Nexus Fostering “I went to view a house I liked the look of and started to chat with the owner. She was a foster carer so I was keen to hear all about her experiences, I asked her who she fostered with and she said Nexus Fostering because they are so good and supportive. That was it, I got in touch with Nexus and that was the day my life changed. I didn’t bother with comparing them with any other agency; that personal recommendation was enough for me!”

“Right from the start, I realised the training offered by Nexus is comprehensive, diverse and up-to-the-minute; it really enhances the work and the level of support they offer is excellent, I can’t fault them. Recently, this has been endorsed for the second time as we are all celebrating the second ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted.That’s twice in a row!”

Life has moved on, considerably, since the early days when Sally was a single foster carer.  “I remarried last year, to Laura, the most wonderful woman in the world! Laura completes our own little fostering family and we’re all part of the big, happy, ‘Nexus family of foster carers’ which is just great!”

“From time to time, when we meet people and tell them that we foster, they always ask if we would recommend Nexus Fostering and we always reply that we recommend Nexus from the bottom of our hearts.”

So, now you have Sally’s personal recommendation, would you like to join our team of Nexus Foster Carers? Please get in touchto find out more.

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