what makes us proud?

18 October 2018

Recently, staff were asked to tell us what make them proud about working at Nexus Fostering. The responses we received blew us away.

“I’m very proud to see this is how everyone feels, and having people like this means we are always doing our best for our foster carers and young people.” – Grace Wyatt.

SSW Valencia – Wymondham

Enabling a child to make a difference in their own lives and believe they can be effective.

SSW Sab –Telford

Listening to the perspectives of a young person without shaming or blaming, and intervening to facilitate likelihood of positive outcomes.

SSW Robynne – London

Working with school; changing parenting approaches; applying counter-intuitive responses; maintaining consistency.

Administrator Emily, London

Leading a service focussed on offering a new opportunity for family life to young people; identifying individual need for support and the resource to meet it.

SSW Julie, South East

Understanding a specific disability/health issue; managing risks of delivering care and potential injury; understanding parental perspectives; supporting carers to make informed decisions; working within safeguarding parameters in relation to disabled children.

SSW Sue – South West

Using supervision to develop the carers approaches; understanding the importance of birth family; acknowledging and respecting feelings of everyone in the picture.

Administrator Hannah – Telford

Family membership; fun and leisure; teaching co-operation and social skills; fun!

SSW Katherine

Working with a young person and supporting them to be an agent of change in their own lives.

SSW Wendy – Wymondham

Constructive use of supervision contract; changing the carer, not the child; teaching transferable skills; empowering attitude of the worker, not censure.

SSW Vanessa – Central

Building trusted relationships that enable management of transitions

SSW Harleen – London

Using a theoretical model; overcoming resistance; working as a part of a parenting team; readiness to believe in change, irrespective of history and in the light of evidence.

Support worker Ella – Norwich

Aiming high for every individual; using information to inform service planning; building a future in which a young adult can feel effective to his fullest capacity.

Administrator Bridget – South West

Recognising the importance of accurate records for the file subject and the agency; respecting identity; openness to learning and development; enabling a fostering household to apply their own reflective capacity on identity; ensuring good service delivery to children and carers.

Administrator Jill – South East

‘Getting hands on’; being child-focussed and child-led; showing playfulness (from PACE model); allowing vulnerability and valuing ‘doing your best’; building memories.

SSW Karina – London

Supporting a young person and her carer through trauma; managing disclosure; empowering action; avoiding shame; moving life forward despite events of the past

Administrator Maggie – South West

Organisation and liaison; enabling fun opportunities within safe parameters; bringing local Nexus Fostering staff and families together

SSW Paul, Norwich

Team work; maintaining stability; working with learning difficulties; successful move to the next stage of adult life.

SSW Rob, Norwich

Positive approach to Care+; activity with children as an observation/assessment tool; appreciating the value of sibling contact.

SSW Nikita, Central

Working with grief and loss, and fear of further loss; enabling enjoyment of family life and avoiding un-necessary respite; taking time to understand the child’s viewpoint and enable them to voice their worries

Administrator Wendy – Wymondham

Supporting consistency; forward planning; commitment to standards; self- motivation; peer support; commitment to team work and sharing knowledge

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