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What does fostering mean to me?

17 August 2018

“I’ve been fostering with Nexus for 8 years. We chose them because they seemed like a friendly organisation that I would be a part of and they are always there when needed, for advice or practical help.

For me it is about helping a young person, for the young person I think the benefit of the placement is having someone there to help them.

I think the main challenge is finding a balance between getting to know them and giving them space.

Fostering is very rewarding, but the best part is when the young person looks at you and you know they feel part of your family. Likewise, one of my own favourite moments is when you forget they are a ‘looked after child’ and just see them as your family.

On that point, I think my fondest memory has to be when a young lady I had looked after asked me to be her birthing partner, and if I would like her child to be part of my family. That was very special.

The main message I would give someone considering becoming a fellow foster carer is to have patience and never think a child should be ‘grateful’ to be in your care.”

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